8 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Online Business Conversion Rates

written byBrad

Starting an online business can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. One of the biggest challenges is increasing your website’s conversion rate.

Conversion rate is the number of visitors who take the desired action such as making a purchase, signing up for an email list, or downloading an app. If you’re looking to increase your conversions, there are several strategies you can use.

In this article, we’ll look at several ways for new online businesses to increase conversion rates. From optimizing your website design to refining your call-to-action, we’ll explore effective ways to boost your website’s success. By taking the time to implement these strategies, you can help ensure that your website will be a success.

Optimize Your Website Design

One of the first steps to increasing your website’s conversion rates is to optimize your website design. When it comes to design, the first rule of thumb is to keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your new website visitors with too much information or too many design elements.

You also want to keep your website design consistent. Make sure that your website’s design does not distract your visitors from making a purchase. Inconsistencies can be distracting and confusing. Your messaging, structure, colors, images, spacing, etc., should all flow uniformly as much as possible.

To optimize your website design, start with your homepage. Your homepage is the first thing that your visitors see when they visit your site. It should be designed to be clean, easy to navigate, and provide a clear call-to-action.

Make certain that your homepage is optimized for both mobile and desktop visitors. It’s also important to make your homepage easily scannable. Some visitors don’t want to have to read every word on your homepage. Keep your language simple and highlight the most important details.

Make certain that your homepage has a clear and concise call-to-action. Ask your visitors what they want and what their problems are. Then, offer your solution on your homepage. Your homepage is the ideal place to outline your product or service offerings. You can also use your homepage to inform your visitors about your company and your mission.

Establish Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility are two of the biggest factors when it comes to increasing your website’s conversion rates. People who visit your site don’t know who you are or if they can trust what you’re selling.

There are a few ways that you can establish trust and credibility on your site. One way is through social media integration. If you have a Facebook or Twitter page, make sure that your site is connected to those pages. This will help you to establish a social footprint for your online business.

You can also add testimonials on your website. Testimonials can be incredibly effective at establishing trust and credibility.

You can also add an “About Us” page to your website. This page is a great place to add information about your company, your employees, and your mission.

Refine Your Call-To-Action

Another important factor in increasing your website’s conversion rates is refining your call-to-action. A call-to-action is a prompt or statement that encourages your visitors to take a specific action.

Your call-to-action can either be literal, like “Buy Now,” or it can be a more subtle prompt. Your call-to-action should be designed to be as effective as possible and should encourage your visitors to take the desired action.

When it comes to refining your call-to-action, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make certain that your call-to-action is clear and concise. You want to make certain that your visitors know what to do.

Second, make sure that your call-to-action is consistent throughout your site. If your “Buy Now” button is in the top right corner of your homepage, make sure it’s also in the top right corner of your product pages. Consistency is key when it comes to refining your call-to-action.

Utilize Retargeting

Retargeting is a powerful way to increase your website’s conversion rates. Retargeting involves placing a cookie on a visitor’s computer or device. This cookie collects information about the user such as what web pages they visit and what products they view.

You can then use this information to show advertisements to people who have already visited your website. Retargeting ads are particularly effective since they target people who have already expressed interest in your product or service. You can utilize retargeting through platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords.

You can also use a retargeting plug-in such as the Facebook Pixel. By using retargeting, you can show advertisements to your website visitors even after they’ve left your site. This can be incredibly effective at increasing your conversion rates.

Make Use of Videos and Visuals

Videos and visuals can be incredibly effective in increasing your conversion rates. Many people are “visual” and want to see what they’re buying and what they’re getting out of your product or service. Having images and videos on your site can help to bridge this gap and can be very effective.

Make certain that you have the appropriate permission to use any images and videos that you add to your site. If you can, try to create original content for your website. Creating original images and videos can be time-consuming and challenging, but it can be well worth the effort. Original content can also help you to better establish your brand and make your company stand out from the competition.

Leverage Social Proof

Social proof can be incredibly effective in increasing your conversion rates. Social proof is essentially when you use metrics and statistics to prove how effective your product or service is.

If a majority of your customers are happy with what they’re getting and are re-purchasing, you can use this information to show potential customers that they should purchase from you as well.

There are a few ways that you can leverage social proof on your website. One way is to add testimonials from previous customers to your product pages and your homepage.

Another way is to add statistics to your site. If your product or service has a high percentage of re-purchases, you can add those statistics to your site. Statistics such as these can be very effective, and can help you to stand out from the competition.

Optimize User Experience

Another effective way to increase your website’s conversion rates is by optimizing the user experience.

You want to make sure that your site is easy to navigate and quick to load. You also want to make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for on your site. You can do this by having a logical and straightforward website design.

You can also add features such as site search capabilities to make it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. You also want to make certain that your website is mobile-friendly. Statistically, more than half of all internet users visit websites using a mobile device. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers.

You can check to see if your site is mobile-friendly by visiting Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. This test will inform you of any issues with your site’s mobile functionality.

Leverage A/B Testing

A/B testing is a strategy where you compare your website against an identical but slightly altered version to determine which is more effective. This is a great way to actively discover ways to increase your conversion rates.

You can use A/B testing to test all aspects of your website, including your design, copy, and calls-to-action. To conduct an A/B test, you’ll want to create two nearly identical versions of your website. Make sure that these versions are nearly identical, but not identical. You don’t want to change too much at once. You’ll then want to track and monitor the success of each of these versions. Whichever version is more successful is the version that you should keep.

When testing/comparing multiple elements on your site, be sure to test one at a time (and do multiple tests). This way you know which element you want to keep or remove. Some marketers make the mistake of testing multiple elements at the same time, and then only choosing one of them to change.  


One of the biggest challenges in starting an online business getting a decent conversion rate from your website. Once you get some traction, you will want to continually try to improve it. Go through each of the strategies above and compare it to what is currently happening on your website. Try making modifications that make sense for both your business and your website. Finding an optimal conversion rate will be an ongoing task.