Can AI Create Quality Content from Thin Air?

written byBrad

My (AI for Writing/Copywriting) review.

My opinion regarding artificial intelligence (AI) to help with writing was solidified while teaching English abroad.  I had a few upper-level students that were interested in learning and improving their English writing skills.

I was perplexed by some of the writing I was given to correct. Much of it was grammatically correct, but it didn’t make much sense when I read it. This was a rather common occurrence, and I assumed it was simply how they were taught by their native teachers.

Then one student in particular gave me an essay to look at. He was one of my highest-level students. The essay was very well written until the next-to-last paragraph. It was complete gibberish, though grammatically correct. 

I asked him exactly what he was trying to say so that I could help him rewrite it properly. He had a lot of trouble explaining, and basically wanted me to figure it out. Later on, I asked a colleague about this strange “writing” phenomena. That’s when I learned that the students were using a language translator when they didn’t know how to express a certain point.

Up to and including that moment, all my experiences using software and AI to aid in writing has been terrible. I had tried using it for article spinning years ago, but always got garbage results and stopped using it.

At that point I couldn’t even trust a language translator. Up until recent times, whenever I came across AI for writing anything, I would run the other way.

Will AI for Writing Ever Be Good?

In the past few years, however, it seems AI has come a long way. I discovered this recently when I was introduced to an AI program ( that allegedly could create content (blog posts, emails, ad copy, etc…) by simply entering a few “starter words – or keywords. Not only that, but that the content would be unique (plagiarism free) and not some cataloged text pulled from a digital library. My initial reaction when I heard about this was an eye-roll and a chuckle of disbelief.

Even though there is a free option to take it for a test drive, I really didn’t want to waste any more time with these “trashy” programs. But I was persuaded to give it a try. And so I did. The first thing I noticed was that it had content creation features for ad copy, landing pages, blog posts, emails, product descriptions, and Amazon product descriptions.

While they do have a regular free option, they also have some paid upgrades with more features. But they can all be test-driven for free first so that you know if it’s a good fit. Oh, and no credit card required!

If you go to the pricing page and scroll down, you will see a comparison chart of all the features they offer.


I really liked the optional feature to create a customer persona that can be used to tailor the content to. For example, you could setup a persona for an adult college student, female, age 31-45, and a description of what their greatest need is (e.g. not able to focus for studying). Content can then be created for that persona. The results were amazing to say the least.

The result was quality, unique content that could essentially be used as is – but of course you can also modify it as desired. For blog posts (or longer text), I do recommend adding in your own examples, stories, or any other value you have to offer.

After pressing the “create content” button, you get several variations of the generated content. From those you can choose the one closest to your style and need. And if you don’t like any of those, you can simply hit the generate button, and a whole new set of unique variations will be offered.

I was so impressed after taking it for a “test drive” that I subscribed to the service.

There is really too many features to cover them all in this post. But all that is on their website They do a great job of presenting all of it (as well as giving everybody a free trial), so no need to repeat it all here.

A Tip for Getting the Most from the Free Trial

As of the time of this writing, the free trial has a limit of either 5,000 words or 7 days (which ever comes first). With that in mind, you want to be careful what you create, so as not to use up all your words right away.

For example, be aware that if you keep hitting the Generate button to see more variations of something, it will all add in to the word limit.

If you are like me, you may be tempted to just enter random starter words (or keywords) to see what happens. But that may needlessly waste a chunk of the trial limit. So, I would recommend having some specific keyword ideas, etc. in mind before you start.  

Perhaps think of an actual post, ad, etc. that you really want to create and let the program do it for you. Judge for yourself if it has the quality you are looking for.

More Good News

The best advice is to just play with the free trial – there is no obligation since they won’t even have your credit card.

Then, if you like it well enough to subscribe, I can get you a 20% discount on your first purchase. Hint: if you get the annual plan, you get a huge discount (rather than a discount off just the first month with the monthly option). Just signup through my link. (I do get compensated if you go through my link, but it’s win-win for us both).

My Conclusion

This is definitely some great software to help with writing and getting ideas, and I do recommend it. It will allow you to generate more content and faster. It will help with the brainstorming, outlining, and many other functions in the content creation phase.

I still would encourage mixing in your own stories, examples, and voice whenever possible. In the end, you want to deliver value and positive experiences to your audience.