Ultimate Guide in How to Use PLR – 21 Methods

written byBrad

It seems you can buy Private Label Rights (PLR) content almost everywhere these days.    

But, what all can you use it for other than the obvious lead magnet or blogpost? This post will give 21 different ways how to use PLR in your content marketing.   

And one thing people often neglect is that they can repurpose their newly purchased PLR in more than one way. For example, create a blog post, and then make snippets of it for social media, create a Youtube video, and a slide show, and more – all from the same piece of content.  

The first thing you need to do is decide how you’re going to use PLR. So determine your needs FIRST, and then seek out the content to meet your needs. For example, do you want to use content to:

·       Create lead magnets?

·       Build relationships with prospects?

·       Develop better relationships with customers?       

·       Drive traffic to your website?

·       Create products you can sell?  

Go ahead and determine what your needs are. What follows is a list to help you start your brainstorming about how you might use PLR content:

Use the PLR for your own learning and insight.  

This is one of the most overlooked (and yet obvious) uses for PLR. If you are buying quality PLR – and you should be – you may actually benefit from it yourself. Well-written PLR should already contain some kind of value or guidance of some sort.  

Create a lead magnet, such as an enticing report.  

This is one of the top uses for PLR. Give away a short report in exchange for an email address in order to build a list. Even though it’s being given away, be sure it provides value and has your unique touch added. You can add in your own links to products you want to promote (whether affiliate or your own). By putting your name/business on the product you also gain more authority and credibility.  

Craft a tripwire product out of the content.  

If your short report has enough value, you can sell it for a very low price. If you feel there is not enough value to charge even a small fee, simply do a little research and add the extra value. When someone purchases it, you can offer your core product as an upsell. Even a very short report (as long as it delivers the value) can be sold for a dollar. While it doesn’t sound like much, it still creates a “buyers list” which is far more valuable than a “freebie list.”  

Create your core offer.  

PLR can become your core product (or used as part of your core product) after adding your own uniqueness and added value. Turning it into a multi-media product can help increase its value (and ultimately the price you charge). Also merge multiple short PLR reports into a larger product or course for a higher-priced product.

Use PLR to create bonus products.  

Whether you are selling an affiliate product or your own, providing bonuses always helps with conversion rates. Get related/complimentary PLR to offer as bonuses. Offer one or several different reports depending on your core product.

Stock your vault membership site with PLR ebooks.  

If you have a membership site already, you can keep it stocked with fresh PLR (reports, video, etc.) you add. PLR will save you a lot of time. If you don’t have a membership site, it’s an option you may want to consider. Some marketers build entire membership sites with nothing but PLR. In this model you will upload all your content at once, and then allow subscribers access for a certain time frame.

Drip-feed PLR articles and reports to your membership site members.  

This membership is kind of opposite to the vault membership. In this case, you are adding new content on some regular basis. Your subscribers can keep accessing as long as they remain members. PLR is a great time-saver for this.   

Upload PLR content to your autoresponder (e.g., as a free e-course to attract new subscribers).  

You can breakup your PLR content into smaller pieces to fill your autoresponder with value-driven emails. Alternatively, you can also use it to create a mini e-course that you deliver via email. That can work much like a lead magnet.  

Post PLR content on your blog.  

Whether you are starting a new blog or maintaining an existing one, you want to keep it loaded and fresh with new content. PLR is a great way to do this without having to always come up with ideas and without the stress of writing all that content. Just be sure to make enough enhancements to make the content unique.  

Excerpt out pieces of content to post on social media.  

In the same way you can break up the content into autoresponder emails, you can use bits in social media posts (written pieces or short video clips work well). These bits can be used on multiple platforms in various media types.  

Use the content to answer questions on sites like Quora.com.  

Be the authority on “question” sites like Quora. One PLR report could have the potential to answer numerous questions on a given topic. Find discussions in your niche, then look for questions that any of your content will answer.

Share the content in discussion groups, such as in a Facebook group.


If you're looking to share valuable content in discussion groups, you may want to consider using PLR. It’s a great way to quickly add relevant content without having to spend hours creating it yourself. Include a few questions to start the discussion, and you're good to go! It's a way to generate interest and increase engagement in your discussion group. Rewrite it (as needed) in your own words to make it more personalized and relevant to the group. You can keep the conversation going while providing valuable content to your members.  

Rewrite an article or excerpt and use it as a guest-blogging article.  

Guest blogging is a great way to gain authority, credibility, and traffic to your own website. You can use PLR as a base for that guest article, but it should be rewritten to a point where it is definitely a unique article.   

Turn the content into a podcast.  

This is an easy, straightforward method. Turn all or part of your PLR into a script for a podcast. Collect many PLR reports and use as a basis for an entire Podcast channel.  

Turn the content into a video.  

Turn all or part of your PLR into a script for a video. Make short clips for Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, etc..  Or longer explainer-type videos to put on a Youtube channel. If you hate the idea of putting your face on a video, these types of videos can work well for that (no face).  

Create slides to go alongside the content, and then create a slide-share video or presentation.  

With PLR, you can create a presentation that looks like it was made by a pro without having to do all the work yourself. Using PLR for slide presentations is easy. Once you have the content, you can add your own images, change the text, and tweak the design to make it your own. Finally, you can add animations, transitions, and other special effects to make your presentation look even more professional. Then upload to slideshare platforms such as Powershow.com, Authorstream.com, etc..  

Use the content as the basis of a live webinar.  

Webinars are a great way to reach a wide audience and increase your reach and visibility. PLR content is a great way to get started quickly and create a webinar that is well-structured and informative. With PLR content, you can create webinars that cover a wide range of topics and use the content as a basis for your own webinar.

Once you've chosen the relevant content, you'll need to adjust it for your webinar. This includes adding any images, videos, or other media to your presentation. You should also consider the length of the content, the level of detail that is needed, and any other modifications that need to be made.    

Create an “Ask the Expert” feature on your site, and then post the content in answers to the questions.  

PLR is an excellent tool for creating a comprehensive FAQ page quickly and easily for your website. Once you've chosen the right PLR for niche, you can begin to customize the content to include adding relevant questions and answers, formatting the page to fit your website's design, and adding images or videos.    

Create a press release out of the content, and then submit it to PRWeb.com.  

Creating a press release from PLR and submitting it to PRWeb.com has never been easier. First, find a press release template that you like and that fits your needs. Then, take some time to customize the content by adding your own unique spin to it. Once you have the content filled out, you can go ahead and submit the press release to PRWeb.com (or any number of other press release platforms as well). They will review it and, if you've done a good job with the content, they will approve it and your press release will be live!  

This is a great way to get your message out there to a wider audience and gain more exposure for your business. Plus, it's a lot easier than trying to write your own press release from scratch! So if you're looking for a way to get your press release out there, give PLR and PRWeb.com a try.    

Compile multiple pieces of content to create a digital course.    

This may require buying several PLR reports on the same topic (or closely related). It's a great way to save time and money while creating a high-quality course. Once you have your content, you can start to compile it into a digital course. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as creating a series of lessons, teaching a skill step-by-step, or providing a comprehensive guide.  

You can also add your own content and spice it up with visuals and quizzes. Once you have your course compiled, you can package it up and start selling it to your customers. With a little creativity and the right PLR content, you can create a digital course in no time!  

Create a product out of the PLR content to use as an upsell alongside your other paid products.  

This method is basically the opposite of the “trip wire” method. With this method you will create a higher-end product. You can accomplish that by inserting enough of your own value-added research, merging multiple PLR reports together, and/or create a multi-media product. You can use your imagination and creativity for other ideas. Once you have the higher end product, offer it as an upsell to your lower priced product.

Putting PLR to Work for You

The key here is to start using your PLR immediately so that it doesn’t gather dust on your hard drive. Follow these steps:

·       Review the content and decide exactly what you’ll do with each piece. (E.G., Use this article on a blog post, upload these pieces to an autoresponder, turn this report into a lead magnet, etc.)  

·       Rewrite the content to make it unique, and to be sure it fits your voice.  

·       Reinforce the content by:  

-       Adding in your own tips, secrets, stories and strategies.

-       Deleting fluff or anything irrelevant.

-       Adding tools, such as worksheets or checklists.

-       Inserting graphics to make it more visually appealing.  

·       Repackage the content to make it totally unique. This optional step may include:  

-       Turning digital content into physical products.  

-       Converting text products into audio or video products.  

-       Turning audio or video products into text products.  

-       Compiling multiple pieces of content to create something entirely new. For example, you can compile a set of articles to create a report. Or you can compile multiple reports and articles to create a comprehensive ebook.

In Summary…  

While you do need to spend a little time tweaking PLR content to make it unique, it’s certainly well worth the effort (and it saves time over creating content from scratch). So, use the checklist above to find, select, buy, and revamp PLR packages to help you grow your business!